New Arrival- The Perfect Rose 8x10 Fine Art Print

Sorry my New Arrival is a little late-- I had a little bit of a traumatic afternoon yesterday. I came home and found my little pet frog dead. Of course this would happen the day after D leaves. I really couldn't bring myself to touch him, much less sit in the apartment with a dead critter until I could work up enough nerve to remove I ended up taking the whole tank, with the dead frog, all the way to my mom's house so she could, ahem... take care of... it. Then I just chilled at mom's house for a bit and watched Dr. Who (hello! Why did no one tell me what a great show that is??!!)

So, here's my new arrival-- I love how the petals in the center form a heart!

The Perfect Rose- 8x10 Fine Art Print
The Perfect Rose- 8x10 Fine Art Print

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