New Arrival- Sunset Table for Two Photo Greeting Card

Happy Monday!

I had a fabulous weekend! The show, A Program of One Acts, was FANTASTIC!!!! I watched it on Saturday evening, and came back on Sunday to video tape it. Sunday's performance was even better than Saturday's! I only managed, however, to get 75% of it tapped...Note to self... BRING EXTRA BATTERIES!! *sigh*

I have a new arrival in my etsy shop this week!!! It's a photo greeting card with one of my new favorite shots-- I took this last week at the Chicago Botanic Garden at dusk.

Sunset Table for Two- Photo Greeting Card

Tomorrow and Wednesday I will add this image as 5x7 and 8x10 prints, and Thursday will be a brand new item-- don't forget to check back!

Have a great day!


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