How to use my 2016 Calendar Templates

Hey friends, it's that time of year to get your calendars updated, or to start thinking about making gifts for your friends and family. I thought I'd show you one of my calendar templates that I'm using to make a gift for my friend that features photos from her daughter's princess photo session (shhh!!!! don't tell her I'm making this for her-- it's a surprise!!! )

2016 Calendar Template- How to add photos

How to add photos to your DIY calendar template:

1. Open the calendar page template in your preferred photo editing software. These templates will work in Photoshop (CC and earlier versions) as well as Photoshop Elements. 

2. Locate the photo you would like to use and open it or drag it onto the window with the template that is already open. 

3. Position your photo on the top half of the template where it says "Add your photo here!" Also, in the layers palette, make sure that your image is layered above the layer that says "Be sure your photo doesn’t extend beyond this line!"

2016 Calendar Template Tutorial


4. Right click on your photo in the layers palette and select "create clipping mask" from the options. This makes sure your photo will fit perfectly within the template.


5. Ta-da!!! Your photo fits perfectly in the allotted space. Simply move your photo around or resize it if necessary to position the photo in the space correctly. When your photo is in the right location, hit the enter key.

6. Save your calendar page! Be sure to "Save As" and save your brand new photo calendar page!

7. Print it!! The templates are all created as 300 dpi files and will print out beautifully. Your calendar page is now ready to print at home on photo paper or to be sent to a print lab of your choice. If you print the calendar pages out at home and you don't use 5"x7" photo paper, be sure to go to the print menu, scroll down to "Printing Marks" and select "Corner Crop Marks." This will add little crop marks that will aid you when you trim the calendar page.

You can find all of my 2016 calendar templates in my art shop here: 2016 Calendar Templates

The templates are available as an instant download so you can start creating right away. They are available in 5"x7" or 4"x6" sizes are are 300 dpi so they will look amazing when printed. The templates ARE compatible with Photoshop and PS Elements.

You can display these calendars in a frame, on your desk at work,  on your refrigerator, pin to your inspiration board, use as a bookmark, hang from a clipboard or from a clothesline with clothespins-- the possibilities are really endless! All you need are your beautiful photos.


**EDIT** 2017 Calendar Templates are now available and can be found here: 2017 5x7 Desk Calendar Templates


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