Taking Stock 04

This week has been pretty rough. My grandma was put in hospice care over the weekend. She never really got better after her hospitalization a few weeks ago. We're pretty worried about her, but we're glad that she's getting a little extra care and attention. One of us have been stopping by almost every day this week to check in on her. So far, she seems to be doing a little better **fingers crossed** 


Making: plans to make my own infinity scarves. One day.
Cooking: This recipe
Drinking: a plain ol' latte
Reading: Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear  Still reading this! I AM GOING TO FINISH THIS BOOK!
Wanting: to go on an adventure somewhere pretty.
Looking: for my fitbit charger
Playing: Sims Freeplay (don't judge!)
Wasting: spinach. it's been in my fridge since Thanksgiving...
Wishing: i had more time to paint
Enjoying: this amazing mild weather. If only the rest of winter could be like this...
Waiting: for mom's glasses to be ready for pickup
Liking: the quiet time in the morning at work before the rest of the office rolls in.
Wondering: what to get family for Christmas. Any ideas?
Loving: these soaps. I'm out!
Hoping: my grandma gets better and won't require hospice care anymore.
Needing: more sleep!
Smelling: coffee
Wearing: comfy jeans, sweater, and my orange & grey bird scarf i got from Stitch Fix
Following: really amazing and beautiful eye candy on instagram: nothingisordinary and thejungalow
Noticing: how short the days are
Knowing: how much I don't know about home care/repair
Thinking: about goals I didn't complete this year
Bookmarking: anything relating to bullet journaling
Giggling: over adorable sloth videos (they never get old!)
Feeling: a little stressed


How was your week? Do you do a "taking stock" sort of post too? I'd love if you posted a link in the comments section below!



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