Friday Photo Roundup - February 10

Happy Friday! I hope you had a stellar week. This week, I posted some orchid photos from my smallish adventure to the Nicholas Conservatory. I hope you aren't tired of ochid photos yet-- I am hoping to take mom to the conservatory in Rockford this weekend, and I have a date at the Chicago Botanic Garden for their very much anticipated Orchid show next week. I seriously can't wait.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these orchids!

Nicholas Conservatory - Orchid
Mini Orchids at the Nicholas Conservatory by April Bern Photography
Orchid by april bern photo
Orchid face by april bern photo
exotic orchids by april bern photography

I know you saw the yellow orchids earlier this week, but I couldn't help it-- I just can't get over the spectacular color and beautiful shape of these orchids!

Have a great weekend!



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