#The100DayProject - Week 2

Hello! Happy Wednesday!
Woo-hoo! Two weeks completed in the #The100DayProject. I'm super excited. I really had some serious doubts during my first few days and was really stressing trying to paint "abstract" and being concerned that a painting is or is not "abstract" enough. Two weeks in, I still feel like I'm in way over my head because this is literally the only thing I have worked on. I do feel more relaxed, and I'm beginning to think of different ways to play. I am starting to realize (and accept) that not every little painting is going to be a "winner" in my eyes, and that's okay. It really truly is all about the process!

#The100DayProject - Painted hands
#100DayProject - blue galaxy
#100DayProject - Stripes
#100DayProject - Roses
#100DayProject - pastoral

These are just of few of my favorite little paintings from this past week. Follow me on Instagram to see all my paintings (and photos! I still do take and post photos!) everyday.

Hows your #The100DayProject going? Is it getting easier for you? Are you still as enthusiastic as the first few days? Let me know in the comment section below!



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