WIP - Pink Peony Oil Painting

Hey there! Long time no see! After the #the100dayproject concluded, I took a small break from painting and focused on creating 2019 calendar templates and 2019 photo calendars for my shops. I wanted to make sure I finished those by end of September. I have good news- I finished and they turned out really great. And do you know what that means? I’m painting again! WOOOO!

Pink Peony Oil Painting - Work in progress

After painting 100 tiny 3”x3” canvas, I decided it was time to go big. I picked up a sweet 20”x20”x2” canvas and began my peony painting by lightly sketching out the shape. I’ve wanted to paint this peony for so long! The layers and shape of the petals are so luscious and drew me in.


I can’t wait to show you the finished painting!

Happy creating!



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