WIP - Pink Peony Oil Painting - COMPLETE

Yay! My pink peony painting is finally complete. I LOVE how it turned out and I’m super excited to give it as a gift this year for Christmas.

Pink Peony Oil Painting by april bern

This painting is done in oils, measures 20”x24” inches and is 2” deep. I carried over the painting design onto all four sides. This baby is ready to hang!

Pink Peony Original Oil Painting - side view
Pink Peony Painting - Top View

What are you working on? How’s it going? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to see!

Happy arting!



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WIP - Pink Peony Oil Painting

Hey there! Long time no see! After the #the100dayproject concluded, I took a small break from painting and focused on creating 2019 calendar templates and 2019 photo calendars for my shops. I wanted to make sure I finished those by end of September. I have good news- I finished and they turned out really great. And do you know what that means? I’m painting again! WOOOO!

Pink Peony Oil Painting - Work in progress

After painting 100 tiny 3”x3” canvas, I decided it was time to go big. I picked up a sweet 20”x20”x2” canvas and began my peony painting by lightly sketching out the shape. I’ve wanted to paint this peony for so long! The layers and shape of the petals are so luscious and drew me in.


I can’t wait to show you the finished painting!

Happy creating!



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WIP- Watercolor in Progress and new Altenew Peony Stamps

I don't know if you know this already, but my mom makes the most beautiful and intricate handmade greeting cards. She's got an etsy shop too! Go, check it out. I'll be right here.


The reason I bring up my mom and her amazing cards is because she bought really pretty peony stamps and wanted to make cards with them. Since she doesn't know how to watercolor (yet!) she asked if I could watercolor a few of the flowers and cut them out so she could use them. I, of course, happily obliged.

(Have I told you lately how much I love playing with watercolor?)

Watercolor Peony Stamps from Altenew

I mean, I really really love playing with watercolor! I still have no idea what I'm doing, if I'm painting "correctly" or not, but I really like how these stamped flowers turned out.

WIP - Watercolor in progress. Altenew "Beautiful Day" Stamps
Watercolor in Progress- Watercolor painting the Altenew Peony Stamps
WIP- Watercolor in Progress and new Altenew Peony Stamps

Here's what I used:

I'd love to show you the card my mom made with these watercolor stamped peonies, but she sold it already!!!!

I hope this inspires you to pick up your watercolor set and play (even if you don't know how!) Let me know what you think in the comments section below. I'd love to hear about what your WIP (work OR watercolor in progress) project is!!!



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