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WIP - Pink Peony Oil Painting - COMPLETE

Yay! My pink peony painting is finally complete. I LOVE how it turned out and I’m super excited to give it as a gift this year for Christmas.

Pink Peony Oil Painting by april bern

This painting is done in oils, measures 20”x24” inches and is 2” deep. I carried over the painting design onto all four sides. This baby is ready to hang!

Pink Peony Original Oil Painting - side view
Pink Peony Painting - Top View

What are you working on? How’s it going? Let me know in the comment section below! I’d love to see!

Happy arting!



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63/100 - The 100 Day Project

Hello! Here's today's little painting for my 100 day project. I used acrylics again and I really dig how it turned out. One of my biggest complaints with painting these tiny landscapes in oil paint was that at some point when I was trying to add paint on top of another color, I was just pushing paint around. The oil paint was wet and already layered on pretty thickly. I wasn't able to (to my satisfaction) layer very well without pushing paint and inadvertently mixing paint. With acrylics, I can layer so much easier. I love how the clouds look layered and not smooshy.

63/100. 3"x3" acrylic on tiny canvas.

63/100. 3"x3" acrylic on tiny canvas.

Now, if only I can work on blending faster, I might switch over to acrylic paints for good!  :D

If you're interested in seeing the first 50 days/paintings, I created a video showcasing them. Stop by my YouTube channel and check it out! Let me know which is your favorite little painting!


Happy creating!




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Swell Gallery - Return of Spring: 3rd Annual Nature-Themed Artisan Market

I have exciting news! I am one of the many artists featured in the nature themed artisan market at Swell Gallery, in West Dundee, IL. If you're local to the area, I would love to see you.

Return of Spring: 3rd Annual Nature-Themed Artisan Market

Apr 13–29, 2018


There is an artist's reception on Friday, April 13th and the show is on Saturdays and Sundays until April 29th.

I will have a selection of different size matted photos ready for you to take home and pop into a frame and some of my favorite paintings on display and for sale. 

succulent matted print from april bern
gnome matted photgraphy by april bern

These are just a few of the paintings that will be featured as well:

Pilea Painting by april bern
Pickly Pear Original Oil Painting by april bern
succulent trio original painting by april bern
collection of tiny succulent and cacti paintings by april bern

This will be a great opportunity for you to refresh your home/space for spring and to get a jump start on your Mother's Day shopping.

If you are unable to make it out to the show, you can still check out my photo prints and wide variety of original oil and acrylic paintings in my shop:


I hope to see you there!



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Finish what I start project: 3 down!

Guess what?! I finished three paintings that were in various stages of incompleteness! Check them out!


I love them. Especially the succulent painting (I've been a little obsessed with succulents since my wedding!) The bad news is that I started a new painting today.. I know, I know! I have several more to finish up first, but it was in my head and I wanted to start it before I lost inspiration/motivation! (I'll share some in-progress photos next week or so!)

3 projects down, 25,623 left...  ;)