63/100 - The 100 Day Project

Hello! Here's today's little painting for my 100 day project. I used acrylics again and I really dig how it turned out. One of my biggest complaints with painting these tiny landscapes in oil paint was that at some point when I was trying to add paint on top of another color, I was just pushing paint around. The oil paint was wet and already layered on pretty thickly. I wasn't able to (to my satisfaction) layer very well without pushing paint and inadvertently mixing paint. With acrylics, I can layer so much easier. I love how the clouds look layered and not smooshy.

63/100. 3"x3" acrylic on tiny canvas.

63/100. 3"x3" acrylic on tiny canvas.

Now, if only I can work on blending faster, I might switch over to acrylic paints for good!  :D

If you're interested in seeing the first 50 days/paintings, I created a video showcasing them. Stop by my YouTube channel and check it out! Let me know which is your favorite little painting!


Happy creating!




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