65/100 - The 100 Day Project

Hi! I'm really excited about this little painting. I've been slightly obsessed with peonies lately and I was looking over some of the peony photos I have available for sale in my shop and thought this one would be fun to try and paint with acrylics.

65/100. 3"x3" acrylic on canvas.

65/100. 3"x3" acrylic on canvas.

So? How do you think it turned out? I love it!

I feel I had an easier time painting this with acrylics because I had the windows open and it was SUPER humid out. I think all the extra humidity in my studio helped extend the drying time a little bit. Ha! I'm still learning! Do you have any tips for me to learn to work with acrylic paints better? I'd love to hear your suggestions and tips! Let me know in the comment section below!


Happy creating!