2013 goals

New Year, new look!

Notice anything different around here? Did I loose a few pounds? Awww! Thanks for noticing, but no, that's not what I'm talking about. No, I didn't get a haircut (this time.) Give up? My website got a complete facelift! I spent the last few weeks upgrading to Squarespace 6, revamping my website, and not working on my goals...

So, why the redesign? I wanted a home for that would showcase my photography and paintings. What? You never knew I painted? That's exactly why I needed to do this. For the longest time, I felt like I could only be a photographer, or a painter. Like I couldn't combine the two parts of me in one place (don't cross the streams!) I think the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" comes into play here--as if I couldn't do well at both endeavors, I had to pick one.

Well, I'm crossing the steams, baby. Here I am. April Bern-- Photographer AND Painter.

So, what do you think? Love it? Hate it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Goals Roundup- Week 1

It's not even been two full weeks and I have fallen off the New Year Goal wagon already (I haven't worked out in 4 days!)! I realize that I need some accountability to hold me to these goals. so... here we go...

1. 365 project: So far, I'm on track with this one!


1. Day 1, 2. Day 2, 3. Day 3, 4. Day 4, 5. Day 5, 6. Day 6

2. Work out at least an hour a day: well.... I think an hour might be an overly ambitious goal, especially with the wii fit. It seems that for me to accumulate an hour of workout time on the wii, I need to devote at least an hour and a half to it.

12/31- 30min

1/1- 1 hour

1/2- 1 hour

1/3- 30 min

1/4- 1 hour

1/5 & 1/6- NONE :(

I took the weekend off, and now it's Wednesday and I haven't worked out since Friday. Looks like I have a date with my wii tonite.

3. Cut out sugar and eat fewer carbs eat more veggies: That's a pretty vague goal. I'm going to amend this to eat more veggies (at least two servings a day) instead of less carbs. I drank my coffee this week (with the exception of some truly awful diner coffee) sans sugar. But I did eat some cookies and had some chocolate. For the most part, I did well on the living without sugar. I can do better, though.

4. Finish Projects: First project nearly complete: felted clogs. Only one more step left before this one is knocked off my list! My yellow scarf is nearly complete. I estimate that this will be completed next weekend.

5. Home Projects:  Happy to report that the last two curtain rods have been purchased. One curtain rod has been installed in the loft and and has temporary curtains--this of course means that the bedroom now has none so we'll call this goal half complete.

Hopefully posting this will keep me accountable, honest and on track. I would love any encouraging words, or any tips you have to help me stay on track with these goals. Oh, and feel free to call me out when I don't post (most likely due to me slacking with one/all my goals). Sometimes, I need tough love!

Let's do this!