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My Top 12 favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts for Photographers

Hey Santa! I’ve been a super good girl this year! Oh, you have no idea what to get me? Well, good thing I’ve got a list...

I scoured etsy for the best, coolest, and most useful and fun gifts that you can give to your photographer friends and family. Or, you can just buy them for yourself. I won't judge! (I already bought the velvet camera strap!!!)

Here’s my top 12 handmade Christmas gifts to give to your favorite photographer:

12 Handmade Gifts for Photographers

1. Velvet Camera Strap I actually own this camera strap and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

2. 1966 Polaroid Camera Poster- Perfect for those who love to tinker and see how things work.

3. Artsy Sweatshirt- Your photographer needs to be comfortable while making art.

4. Camera Necklace- Such a cute necklace! You can personalize it too!

5. Grey Chevron Camera Bag- Carry camera gear in style. This bag is large enough to carry a DSLR camera with a lens attached, and up to two extra lenses and your accessories.

6. Photographer Coffee Mug- LOVE this. Another personalized gift. Perfect for the photographer who is up all night editing.

Handmade Gifts for Photographers

7. Scarf Camera Strap- Winter is coming and this scarf will keep your photographer warm AND keep her camera ready at hand.

8. Camera Art Print- I LOVE this artist and all of her work! I featured her in an interview here.

9. Vintage Camera Print Set- Beautiful prints of vintage cameras. These would be perfect in my house...

10. Vintage Camera Calendar- A gift your photographer will see and use (and love!) every day.

11. Vintage Camera Print Infinity Scarf- A fun fashion accessory that showcases her passion.

12. Cement Camera Planter- A sweet little camera planter to showcase your photographers love for cameras and her green thumb.


What camera/photography related gifts are you drooling over? What gifts are you hoping Santa will bring you (or will buy for yourself!!) Let me know in the comments section below!



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6. Make Your Own Canvas Portrait

7. DIY Photo Transfer Coasters

8. DIY Photo Ornament

9. Personal Photo Clock

10. Personalized Photo Map (I love this one!)


If you're looking for another super easy DIY photo gift project, I recommend my 2016 DIY Calendar templates (shameless plug!) They are a super quick and easy way to print out a calendar with your own custom photos for your family and friends to cherish!

If you want to check out how easy they are, I posted a quick tutorial here: How to use my DIY Calendar Template.

If you find any other awesome DIY photo gift ideas, or if you have tried any of these, be sure to let me know in the comment section below! I'd love to hear how your project turned out and what your friends/family thought of it!


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