Thankful Project- November recap

November sucked. I did still manage to write down what I was thankful for every day. I wanted to at least share my list at the end of the month, but well, after my Grandma passed away, I wasn't motivated to do anything. I still haven't written down all the things I want to remember about her and growing up with her. I start, but then i cry and cannot finish. I will, I'm not sure when though.


Here is my (late) Thankful Project list.

  1. I'm thankful for the beautiful weather in November. Today it's 73 degrees.
  2. I'm thankful for friends who give me encouragement
  3. I'm thankful that the Cubs won the World Series!
  4. I'm thankful to witness Chicago history and for all 5 million fans who celebrated.
  5. I'm thankful for re-connecting with old friends.
  6. I'm thankful for a community of crafty girlfriends.
  7. I'm thankful for seeing democracy in action (super long lines of folks waiting to cast their early ballots.
  8. I'm thankful for the opportunity to vote.
  9. I'm incredibly thankful for people who are committed to hope, love, and acceptance and who will stand up for those who are persecuted for being different.
  10. I'm thankful for being able to express my artistic side.
  11. I'm thankful that there are places like the Chicago Botanic Garden and other beautiful peaceful places.
  12. I'm thankful for friends who trust me enough to let me photograph them and their family for their Christmas cards.
  13. I'm thankful for being able to photo/capture friends' love.
  14. I'm thankful for people loving my art enough to open their wallets and purchase it.
  15. I'm thankful for my grandma, and for all my years with her.
  16. I'm thankful for best friends who know how to help (and bring dinner and bottles of wine.)
  17. I'm thankful for all my photos and mementos of loved ones.
  18. I'm thankful to work in an environment where they are family oriented and let me have time off to grieve and take care of family matters-- no questions asked.
  19. I'm so thankful for all my mom and grandma did for me.
  20. I'm thankful for simple comforts like peppermint mochas.
  21. I'm thankful to work at a job where I love what I do.
  22. I'm thankful for my husband who is calm when I am not.
  23. I'm thankful for time spent with both of my families.
  24. I'm thankful for YOU!
  25. I'm thankful for having plenty of food and for never ever experiencing real hunger.
  26. I'm thankful for online shopping.
  27. I'm thankful that time is the salve that helps heal old wounds.
  28. I'm really really thankful for coffee.
  29. I'm thankful for my health.
  30. I'm super thankful for this life.



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Happy November + Free Desktop Wallpaper

Oh my goodness! How is it November already?! September seems like it was just yesterday. October has FLOWN by so quickly. Lots of fun stuff is happening over here. I've been trying to paint and draw as much as possible, and Mom and I had a ton of photo adventures in October. I can't wait to blog about them.

November 2016 Thankful Project


This month, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to write down (and maybe photograph) what I'm thankful for everyday. I will most likely post the weekly list on Sunday. This will be a really fun project this month!

Oh-- before I forget-- Have you subscribed to my newsletter? This month I'm giving away a really pretty screensaver and iphone/ipad wallpaper for you. Simply subscribe to my newsletter and as a thank you, you’ll get this gorgeous screensaver (and a few other goodies too!) You'll be the first to hear about any sales, shop updates, as well as free monthly screensavers and a ton more stuff.

Are you doing a similar Thanksgiving type project this November? Maybe posting to FB or Instagram every day? Comment and let me know what you're thankful for and how I can follow you-- I'd love to follow along!

Thank you so much!




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22 things I'm thankful for this year

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I hope yours was as awesome as mine was. I made a breakfast Strata that I swear was made with unicorn tears-- it was that amazing. Seriously. I spent a lot of time with family (both mine and G's) and ate a lot of amazing food. Food so delicious, it should have been illegal.


Today, since I'm still in a food coma, I wanted to take a moment and share my list of 22 things I'm incredibly thankful for (in no particular order)

1. I'm thankful for my family (even my new family!) I love them.

2. I'm thankful my grandma still has her health and that I got to see her and spend time with her this Thanksgiving.

3. I'm thankful for my husband (it still feels weird to call him that...)

4. I'm thankful for my job and that it's something I really enjoy doing.

5. I'm thankful for my beautiful house. Even though I complain (A LOT) about how far away it is, I still love it. Especially when the sun streams in through the windows.

6. I'm thankful that my friends and family are really and wonderfully supportive of my creative and artistic endeavors.

7. I'm thankful that I can pursure these creative and artistic endeavors!

8. I'm thankful for coffee. And really, you should be thankful that I have coffee. Trust me.

9. I'm thankful for my garage and dishwasher. They are the two things that I didn't think I would like when I moved into my house. Now, I don't know how I ever lived without them.

10. I'm thankful that G has a job that he loves and that he's incredibly happy with.

11. I'm thankful that I have amazing friends. I'm calling you out Livi, Debs, & Rachel. You guys are awesome and I love you!

12. I'm thankful that we can afford our house and vehicles and still have a few $$ left over to eat real meals.

13. I'm thankful for my car that is super reliable and gets me around.

14. I'm thankful that my job is flexible and lets me come in early and leave early.

15. I'm thankful for my team at work. They are really a wonderful group of people and are a lot of fun, no matter how many fiascoes or sunova's that happen.

16. I'm thankful I get to take photos of products for my real job.

17. I'm thankful for our photography business. I get to take even more photos and help people remember important stories in their lives.

18. I'm thankful for the beautiful area I live in, again, despite how much I complain about how far away it is.

19. I'm thankful for Zumba. I suck at it, but I love it so much!

20. I'm thankful for pinterest. I would not be as adventurous in the kitchen without it!

21. I'm thankful that G eats my culinary creations and knows not to ever complain...

22. I'm thankful for our trip to Hawaii. It was truly awesome and the trip of a lifetime!


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