It's the middle of May, have you started your garden yet?

As of today's writing, it's May 20th, and I haven't started my garden yet.  I've been dying to pick up some plants and create my little outdoor patio oasis, but it's just been too darn cold this spring. It seems like winter was not letting us out of it's cold, miserable grasp! I mean, we even had snow last week! (i wish I were kidding.)

Remember my pretty blue planter and pots? Well.... I left them outside all winter and now they have a very serious "shabby chic" look (at least, that's what I'm telling myself!)

Note to self: Bring the wooden planters and painted pots inside when you're experiencing the worst winter ever!

When it is finally warm enough to plant, this years garden patio oasis is going to be even more awesome than last years. This year is all about my new deck railing planters!  I searched everywhere for planters that sit on deck railings and FINALLY found some that weren't hideous. I had one very specific requirement. The planter needed to sit on top of the deck railing and not hang over. I have to maximize my tiny space and I feel that planters hanging over either side of the railing would take up too much room.

New Deck Railing Planters

So? What do you think? Won't these look amazing when they are filled with beautiful greenery? I'd also like to get some shepard hooks to hold hanging baskets for the side of my house (not shown) and a little table/bench to house all my little pots that are just sitting on the deck. I just wish my deck was larger and in better shape!


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