Patio Garden Tour - Part one

Woooo!!!! It's (unofficially) summer! We began creating our patio oasis early this year, since the weather was so nice. I spray painted my black railing planters this amazing shade of blue to match my new metal plant stand (it replaces the awesome wooden plant stand that finally disintegrated.) I painted a few other plastic planters in various shades of green, salmon, and yellow. They look so bright and colorful, I LOVE it! I'm undecided about spray painting the plastic crates though. Has anyone tried it? Will I need 20 cans of paint to get every nook and cranny covered?

Teal 3 Tier Plant Stand
patio garden tour - blue planters
I LOVE this color. I'm so glad I decided to cover over the boring black. This color totally pops!

I LOVE this color. I'm so glad I decided to cover over the boring black. This color totally pops!

There's a new addition to my garden! I picked up this three tiered water fountain from a sample sale at work. It's gorgeous and has LED lights and a fountain with different sorts of spray options. Unfortunately,  there are no power outlets outside so I won't be able to take advantage of those fun features. That's okay, I think It would be so much cooler as a planter instead. We're drilling holes and adding plants this weekend. I can't wait to show you how it turns out!

patio garden tour - water fountain planter

I hope you stay tuned for future Patio Garden tour posts. I'll show you how I converted this re-purposed water fountain into a really pretty planter and list the plants I used in my containers and planters.

If you'd like to create your own container garden for your small patio or garden space, check out my post 5 Simple Tips to Create Gorgeous Container Garden This Summer.  I hope you find these tips for creating your own patio and garden oasis super inspiring and helpful. Leave a comment in comment section-- I'd love to hear how your garden is doing!


Happy planting!




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