WIP - The100DayProject. Halfway Finished!

Wooohoooo!!!! I'm at the halfway point for this years #the100dayproject. I have to be completely honest, I'm ready to be done with this project. I've created these teeny (but cute!) little paintings, but I haven't worked on anything larger than 3"x3" canvases since the start of this project. I'm anxious to create something BIG! I have so many ideas for new paintings. Working on this project has been really beneficial. Since I need to make a painting a day, I feel like I have freedom to experiment and try new techniques (palette knife is challenging) and play with new subject matter (hello landscapes!) I can't wait to try these on a larger scale.




day 42/100 of #the100dayproject. Experimenting with palette knife.
These are two of my favorites paintings.

These are two of my favorites paintings.


50 down, 50 to go!

Here's a video showcasing the first 50 days/paintings from #the100dayproject. Hit play and enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel while you're there. I'm working on more videos (paintings in real time, time lapse painting, videos of my garden adventures and more!) and would love if you were part of my adventure!

I have quite a few favorites! Which are yours? Let me know in the comment section below.

If you're participating in the 100 day project and need some encouragement, I wrote about some of the challenges I faced last year and the lessons I learned from completing this project. You can find those posts here:

#the100dayproject - A few thoughts after the first week

Lessons I learned from completing #the100dayproject

I'd love to chat with you and send some encouragement your way.

Happy creating!



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