Wednesday Color Inspiration- Waterlily Colors

Yay! Made it to Wednesday (finally!) Yesterday I woke up and I was so confused as to why my  alarm was set for 5am on a Saturday. I turned off the alarm and laid back down. Then, I realized it wasn't Saturday-- It was Wednesday, wait, no, it was only Tuesday. Crap! I was so upset that yesterday was only Tuesday.... that kinda set the stage for the rest of the day...

BUT! Good news! Today is, in fact, Wednesday! The week is half over & I have a new Wednesday Color Inspiration to share (and attempt to paint!)


This one should be really fun to paint!

I'm almost finished with last weeks Color Inspiration painting. It's turning out pretty awesome! I even worked more on the Jellyfish painting. I couldn't hate it anymore, so I tried "fixing" it. Eh, it's okay. Better than before, but I still don't love it. Photos next week of my progress on my recent paintings!