My Gorgeous Patio Transformation!

I finally got to plant over Memorial Day weekend! YAY!!!! I couldn't stand my bare, empty patio any longer and the weather was just perfect for going to the plant shop and picking up some plants for my new deck railing planters. Apparently everyone else had that same idea too, and they were all trying to get to Pesche's! It was so bad, they had cops directing traffic in order to get in and out of that place! NOTE TO SELF: Don't go plant shopping during Memorial Day Weekend. Mom and I went to Lurvey's instead, and I have to say, I am so happy we did! I got these gorgeous leafy plants for my planters and they turned out even better than I had originally planned. I love them, and am in love with my outdoor space now!!! Check it out! 

The plants in this planter came from Pesche's a week prior to Memorial Day weekend!

The next thing I need to get is a patio umbrella or some sort of sunshade so that I can actually sit outside during the morning and afternoon! What else could I use?

Do you have a patio or a garden (or both?) Let me know! I'd love to check out your outdoor space!


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