My second Stitch Fix (a review)

You guys, can I just tell you how much I love Stitch Fix? Seriously! I received my second fix in the mail on Friday!!! **squee!!** I excitedly opened it up and I was not disappointed! This fix was even better than the first! I wanted soooooo much to keep everything in the box!

So, here's what my stylist (Lauren) sent:


Number 1: Eames Geo Print Gathered Waist Shirt

Stitch Fix- Eams Geo Print Gathered Waist Knit Shirt

I LOVE this shirt! It has a really fun pattern, it's a great color, and it hides all my fluffy bits! This is totally a keeper!!!


Number 2: Blake Side Ruched V-Neck Knit Shirt

Stitch Fix- Blake Side Ruched V-Neck Shirt

I took this shirt out of the box and I LOVED the color, and I LOVED the ruched style. However, I did not love how this shirt clung to my fluffy tummy as if to accentuate it. **sad face** This one has to go back.


Number 3: Emmett Boyfriend Jean

I'm usually a bootleg jean kinda girl and lets leave it at that. The boyfriend jean did nothing to help flatter my frame at all (truthfully, it reminded me a little bit of skinny jeans because the legs were so narrow and tapered...)  Because it sits lower on my waist, it bought out my fluffy muffin top that I try so desperately to hide. This one goes back.


Number 4: Cheli Striped Maxi Dress

Stitch Fix- Cheli Striped Maxi Dress

After the maxi skirt from the last fix, I was secretly (super secretly) hoping that I would get another one. I was kinda excited when I opened the box and saw this dress (so was the husby!) I tried it on and while the husby liked it, I didn't like how I looked in it. I thought that it was too... form fitting, and that it accentuated my tummy fluff too much. Sadly, this one goes back too. I don't think I'm ready for maxi dresses yet... **sad face**


Number 5: Clarita Messenger Bag

Stitch Fix- Clarita Messenger Bag

My stylist did a great job with this one. I mentioned in my profile that I HATE purses (but I love shoes? go figure!) but I was in the market for a new messenger bag as the one I've been carrying around for 7 or 8 years is on it's last leg. I like this bag. A lot. It's beautiful, well made, and is really comfy to wear. I'm on the fence about this one. I don't know if I'm ready for a "grown up" bag yet.... I've got one more day to decide!

What do you think? Should I keep the grown up (purse like!) messenger bag? Send it back since I'm not exactly 100% in love with it?

This fix has renewed my commitment to getting in shape... well... at least taming my fluffy bits. I would have kept everything in this fix if I wasn't so fluffy. Back to no sugar and less grains. and more walking.


Have you tried Stitch Fix? Love it? Hate it? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments section below! I'd love to chat with you about your experiences and/or questions!

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