Throwback Thursday- November 5, 2015

My first love was drawing. I had a teacher in 4th grade who noticed that I liked to draw (a lot) and really nurtured my talent. She gave me a few "How to Draw" books and I went to town! I drew incessantly and I filled sketch book after sketch book with drawings of cats (of course, what young girl doesn't like cats?) horses, disney characters... You put it in front of me, I tried drawing it.

While helping my mom pack up and move out of her home (my childhood home) I came across a folder with loose leaf sheets of paper with my drawings! The earliest drawings I found were from 6th grade. I can remember exactly what book these came from (Lee Ames "How to Draw 50 Cats") and I totally remember drawing these.

Thowback Thursday- drawings from 6th grade
Throwback Thursday- 6th grade drawing of cats

Man, what I would give to have been able to find a few of my sketchbooks from grade school!

I'm happy to say that I still love drawing, though I don't do it as much anymore. I feel very inspired to start again. I'm also thankful that I no longer outline everything with a sharpie!



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