Free May Printable

Hey ya'll (every time someone said "ya'll" when we were in Austin, I'd nudge G and excitedly whisper to him "they said "ya'll" ) Remember last week when I mentioned that I've been super inspired after returning from my little trip to Austin? I was SO motivated and inspired that I made a free printable and desktop/iPhone/iPad wallpaper and sent it to my besties. And by "besties" I mean all of you lovely individuals that signed up for my newsletter. I've got so many other fun gifts to send out-- I'm planning a desktop calendar template (who couldn't use that?) a printable card set, and a little photography guide (so far!) I've got more ideas in the works.

If you sign up for my newsletter (don't worry-- I won't sell your email info or anything awful like that!) I'll send you this gorgeous printable and wallpaper and then you'll be on my BFF list and always know when I have something new or cool going on. Wouldn't that be fun? Of course, it wouldn't be a BFF/bestie kind of relationship if you had no way to contact me. You can always email me, or find/follow/get in touch with me via your favorite social media channel.

I'd love to connect with you!! Let me know what you think of this printable, or if you have any suggestions. I'm all ears!


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