Fitbit is Wrecking my Life!

You all know what the Fitbit is, right? It's this little tracker device you wear and it monitors your daily activity like steps, stairs, and even nutrition and sleep. I got mine back in January and I really like it. My step goal is a lofty 10,000 and on most days, I can make goal. But if I have plans and I don't quite hit my goal-- it's okay, I don't usually stress out about it.



One of the nice features fitbit has is the ability to connect with your friends and get involved in daily/weekly/weekend challenges. Sounds like fun, right? What a great way to keep one another motivated and inspired. 


DON'T DO IT! it will wreck your life!


Let me explain. I am NOT a competitive person. I hate sports (read: I'm TERRIBLE at sports) and I don't play many games. If I do play and I'm losing, I fully embrace the loss as I usually expect to lose anyway. But these fitbit challenges? They have completely turned me into a competitive MANIAC!


   Names and avatars have been removed to protect the innocent...


Names and avatars have been removed to protect the innocent...

Here are the top 5 ways fitbit is wrecking my life:

1. I cannot get anything done. Literally. I'm not even joking or exaggerating about this.  All I do when I get home from work is walk in circles at the gym, or at home (or both.) I don't have time to make dinner, clean, or work on crafty/artsy projects. All I do is walk. In circles.

2. I don't see my family, friends, or husband. If I have a challenge, I try not to make plans after work.  If I do manage to make it out of the house to see family/friends, I leave early so I can go home and get some steps in so I can make my goal or get ahead. Or I stay and feel guilty. If I'm at home and G is home, I'm downstairs walking in circles and he's upstairs watching TV.

3. I'm so crazy tired. I normally wake up for work at 5.30ish, but now I'm waking up at 5ish (or earlier!) and staying up waaaaaaaay too late to make sure I get my steps in and try to get ahead. Because if I'm not ahead by a couple thousand steps, I'm not happy. 

4. I've worn holes in all of my socks. I've had to replace all of my socks at least twice now.

5. I check the progress of the challenge obsessively. Seriously, all the time. I walk from the house to the car. Check my stats (18 steps.) Walk from the car to the office. Check my stats (156 steps.) Walk to the bathroom. Check my stats (25 steps.) You get the idea.

And I have to win. I will wake up even earlier than I already do to get in some steps before heading out to work, I will stay up until midnight just to make sure I'm significantly ahead. I walk to the bathroom at work almost every hour. I walk in circles at home so much so that I think I'm wearing out the carpet. G suggested he make dinners that I can carry and eat while walking and I thought this was a fine idea. I feel guilty if I make plans and I'm not able to get steps in and I'm in "danger" of losing.

This is insane. There's gotta be a pill for this, right?

Do you have the fitbit or other fitness tracking device? Do you feel the same way to? Let me know in the comments section below. I'd love to hear how you deal with these so-called friendly challenges!


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