It's Officially Patio Gardening Season!

The end of May means only one thing-- it's patio gardening time! This weekend mom and I braved the Memorial Day weekend crowds and went to my favorite garden shops to pick out plants for my patio garden. I managed to pick up just enough plants and dirt to fill my 7 railing planters and my 4 tier plant stand. I need to go back! I need more dirt, for sure, and I would like to pick up some herbs for the little terra cotta planters and two hanging baskets for my new shepherd hooks. And, I want to pick up a little mini pond. (I'm still trying to convince G that I need it.)

Last fall, as I was clearing out & cutting down the dead foliage in my planters, a woman who lives somewhere in my neighborhood approached me  (I had my pruning shears, I was ready if there was going to be a confrontation) and expressed how much she loved walking her dog past my patio and how she loved to watch the progress of my plants. She even brought her husband by on one of her walks and showed him what she wanted him to re-create on their patio! I thought this was super sweet. I'm so glad she stopped by and let me know how much she appreciated my patio garden (even though it was just from the outside) Seriously friends, if you walk past someones garden and you love it, stop and tell them! It will brighten their day!

Patio Garden Railing Planter

That encounter has shown me that my garden efforts not only makes me happy (it really really does!) but it makes other people happy too. So this years patio garden will be bigger and better! I have a neighborhood of dog walkers to make happy!

Here are just a few photos of my planters & plants. I will share in greater detail the plants hanging out in there in an upcoming post.

Patio Garden Railing Planter
Patio Garden Plant- Abstract
Patio Garden Plants- Hens and Chicks
Patio Garden Railing Planter
Patio Garden Plant- Coleus


Do you have a little patio garden? Or maybe you're lucky enough to have a backyard space? Whatever you have, I'd love if you could share some of your favorite gardening tips/tricks in the comment section below!


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