Happy Earth Day- This week at the Garden

This is such an exciting time. The tulips will all be open within a week or two, the magnolia trees will be in full bloom, and in early May, the crab apples trees should full of little blossoms. And then, the lilacs... **sigh** I cannot wait.

Here's what was in bloom at the Garden last week:

Chicago botanic garden - english garden fountain
Spring Daffodils
Cherry Blossoms at the Chicago Botanic Garden
Hyanicth at the Chicago Botanic Garden
Spring tulips at the Chicago Botanic Garden

And, to add to the excitement of the season, I get to start creating my patio garden soon. If the weather holds up, I think I can start in the beginning of May--yay! This year is going to be even better than last year. If you need any tips to create your own container garden on your patio/deck, check out my post 5 Simple Tips to Create Gorgeous Container Gardens.

How's your spring coming along? What's your favorite springtime bloom? Let me know in the comments section below !



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