WIP - Gnome Garden

You guys! My patio garden is now my very own gnome garden!

Mom and I spent all weekend finalizing and planting (and replanting) all of my plants. I can't tell you how many trips to the local nursery we took this week but the workers are beginning to recognize us. I think we are finally finished. Planting at least. We have two new planters that I got from work that we finally put up this year AND we created a DIY birdbath out of thrift store finds. Oh don't worry-- I'll post photos soon.

Mom thought it would be a cute idea to add my little garden gnomes I had been photographing for my shop.  I think they are here to stay!

Gnome and Fairy Garden
Welcome Gnome!
My very own gnome garden
garden gnomes hanging out
Welcome garden gnome
mischievous garden gnome
garden gnome chilling with a snail

Sitting out here is pure joy. No matter how terrible the day at work, when I come home and sit outside and take sight of my plants, the days stresses just melt away. Okay, the glasses of wine might help too. Seriously though. It's so relaxing and peaceful. And beautiful. And I love it.

How is your garden coming along so far? What fun surprises do you have planted or hanging out? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy summer!




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