Top 5 Podcasts for Creatives

I’m so thankful for podcasts. I have a pretty long commute to and from work that I used to DREAD, but since podcasts have really become a thing, I’m excited to drive now! I found a few that I find so valuable as a creative person (and as a creative person who wants to make a living doing their creative endeavor), that I want to share them with you too. I think you’ll find some benefit, no matter what creative field you’re in.

Top Five Podcasts for Creatives

Here are my top favorites, in no particular order:

Don’t Keep Your Day Job - Really fantastic podcast. I love how warm, positive, and kind Cathy is. I love that she believes that “purpose is the opposite of depression” and she strives to help people find the purpose in their lives.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

How to Avoid the Perfection Trap - James Victore

How to Choose Wonder Over Worry - Amber Rae

How to Make Creativity Your Career - Andy J. Pizza

Creative Pep Talk - The pep talks are really insightful and motivational. There are lots of practical and actionable items to pep up your creative and creative business game. And the energy of the host is contagious!

Some of my favorite episode are:

You’ll Never Make Your Best Work While Believing this Lie

The Things that’s Always Held you Back and the Scientific Way to Defeat it

You’ve Been Lied to and it’s Holding You Back

That’s What She Said - Another podcast I think is helpful for creatives and for all people, really. There’s a lot of tough love in this one. Kristen doesn’t mince words and tells it like it is. And bonus if you dig Harry Potter!

Some of my favorite episodes are:

Don’t Drink the Unicorn Blood (and put down that Horcrux) (and really, all her M-school podcasts are fantastic.)

Vulnerability 101: How to stop hiding your work and be seen by all the people who matter

Intuition Basics: Sensing the Sparkle

Do it for the Process - This is a fantastic podcast if you’re an artist. I love the practical tips and positive vibes that Emily puts out into the world.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

Can Artists Make it on Their Own? The Mindset Shifts Needed to be a Creative Entrepreneur

Do it For the Process: 14 Tried & True Ways to Remain Inspired and ALIVE in Your Creativity

Mother + Artist: Can Creativity Coexist with Parenting?

Artists Helping Artists - I find this podcast to be super valuable because the hosts discuss topics like how to sell more art on-line, social media and marketing tips, and they speak with guest artists, gallerists, and others sharing their knowledge of the business side of art.

Some of my favorite episodes are:

15 Ways to Get Inspired about Your Art

Why Every Artist Needs to Take Risks for Growth

Twenty Things to do to Change Your Art in 2019

I hope you give these a listen and let me know what you think! Do you have a favorite podcast you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments section below!

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