Wednesday Color Inspiration- Desert

This is my most favorite spot that I've ever had the chance to visit. I mean, Hawaii was beautiful and very fun, and Oregon is where my peoples are  (you know, the crafty folk knitting at the bus stop.) But National Monument Valley on the Arizona/Utah border was incredible and absolutely breathtaking. Even the Grand Canyon wasn't as awesome as this place (it comes in a close second though...)


Of course I would visit Arizona and it would rain nearly every day we were there. (360 days of sun and the five days of rain happen when I'm there on vacation.) There were rainclouds in the distance and we got out of the park just before the roads started to flood and become impassible. And yes, it does get so cold that the roads turn crazy icy-- remind me to tell you about my white knuckle ride back to phoenix! (Thank God I wasn't driving!)

I can't wait for this weekend to start painting this!


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