My Favorite Friday Finds- Chicago Artists

Happy Friday, friends!!!
This week, I wanted to showcase artists that are local to Chicago. I am a huge fan of buying local and I'm excited that Chicago has sooooo many great artists. I had a tough time trying to keep my list to just nine items/artists. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Why, yes, I will do another Friday Finds featuring more Chicagoland artists! I'm glad we're on the same page!

Here are just a few of my favorites:

My Friday Favorite Finds- Chicago Artists

1. Pink Butterfly Necklace

2. Meterbox Terrarium

3. Make it Happen Wood Box Art Print

4. Oatmeal Honey Soap

5. Rustic Green Ceramic Tea Set

6. Peacock Pillow

7. Felt Cactus Plant

8. Designer Light Green Turquoise Ring

9. Peach Floral Infinity Scarf with Lace

Aren't these all great? The meterbox terrarium is a really fun twist on the traditional terrarium. I love the Make it Happen Wood Box Print... I could really use the scarf... (Just so you know, my birthday is in September and I would be thrilled to receive any and all of these items...) 

I did pick up the Oatmeal and Honey soap from Good & Honest earlier this week and it's awesome. (I also picked up the Pink Grapefruit and Orange Clove soaps!) Not only did I receive excellent customer service, incredibly fast shipping, and great packaging, but all the soaps smell sooooo nice and lathers really well. I love it! If you love handmade soap, you have to check out this shop.

Do you have a favorite from this list? Or maybe you know another artist from Chicago (or the 'burbs) that is awesome-- let me know in the comments section below! I love hearing about new artists!


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